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Bachelor Bingo / Bachelorette Bingo Free Printable Cards

Free printable Bachelor Bingo cards for your The Bachelor and The Bachelorette viewing parties. Build your own cards with the blank templates and 4 page list of square filler ideas!

Bachelor Bingo Cards Mockup

If you love watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette… you’ll love watching it with bingo cards *that* much more, promise 😉  It’s one of my favourite parts of watching the Bachelorette with friends (other than the snacks and commentary!) and I love how many of you I get to see playing along over Instagram too!

Free printable bachelor bingo cards with a rose

Over the past few years I’ve been sharing free printable sets of Bachelor (or bachelorette!) bingo cards for you to print and enjoy as you’re watching our favourite trash TV over on my other blog ( Now that I’m keeping all printables here… I thought I’d move these over as well! But moving over SEVERAL seasons of bachelor and bachelorette bingos had me thinking… there has to be a better way! Ha!

So meet the Build your own Bachelor Bingo packet… build your own bingo cards for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette viewing parties with all my favourite square ideas. You can download it once and create a bingo for each and every episode for yourself and your friends.

pin with text: free printable Bachelor Bingo Cards and ideas for squares

You can either type them into the squares or print them off blank for your guests to fill in using our cheat sheet of great square ideas. If you are pre-filling the Bachelor Bingo cards for your guests, make sure you mix up what’s on each sheet and move around the the squares you’re reusing so that guests don’t all get bingo on the same square!

This is a totally free printable PDF packet that comes with two blank Bingo sheets- one for The Bachelor and one for The Bachelorette as well as 3 pages of square ideas for the general season and specific episodes including the premiere, finale, hometowns, and men/women tell all.

To download this Bachelor Bingo printable packet, just enter your email in the form above to subscribe and be immediately sent access to this printable. The email list only sends out new printables to you in a weekly newsletter. No funny business 😉 You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

As always, free printables on are for personal use only (and for your parties, but no selling them, friends).

Free Printable Bachelor Bingo Cards with a rose
Free printable bachelorette bingo cards with roses

As always, if you do use these Bachelor Bingo printables… I’d love to see! You can tag me on social media @handletteredprintables or shoot them to my email colleen {at}

PS… I’ve been throwing around the idea of making a Bachelor Bingo specifically for Bachelor in Paradise, what do you think? Would you use it? I’ll need all your square suggestions if so! If I do create this, the best place to find out about it is on that email list!



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Jennifer Tokarek

Tuesday 9th of May 2023