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Free Flowers SVG Cut Files for Cricut or Silhouette

This set of simple flowers SVG design is ready for your playful spring craft projects! This free layered SVG cut file is perfect for tote bags, t-shirts and tumblers with 5 flowers and 2 layers so you can use the whole design or just the one hand drawn floral outline… or any combination! 

2 Layer cut file of 5 hand drawn flowers (free), shown cut from permanent vinyl on a tumbler with a purple background layer and black flower outline. Text overlay reads 'free SVG file'

Today I’m excited to share this playful collection of hand drawn flowers as a free SVG file for you!

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you live, but I’m counting down the days to spring, it seems like winter keeps coming back with a vengeance anytime we get a sunny day! In anticipation of spring, I’ve teamed up with a couple other SVG designers to share free cut files with a spring theme for any of your crafting projects! You can see those at the bottom of the post, but first? Let’s take a look at this free flower SVG file that I’m sharing with you!

This file makes for the perfect spring or mothers day gifts… or honestly just to add some playful flowers to anything you’re dreaming of customizing. I know my pre-teen loves these and how groovy or retro they feel.

I’ve shown it here on a tote, water bottle and insulated tumbler. They would also look amazing on the back of a T-Shirt blown up huge or on a mug or note book. There’s 5 separate hand drawn flowers so you can choose just one or all five and I like that the they’re perfectly imperfect with the hand drawn brush stroke design.

Hand drawn flowers design stuck onto a metal waterbottle held in front of a dock at a lake- free cut file cut with cricut of 5 flowers

Each flower is on individual layers so it’s easy to choose just one or the whole collection for your crafts. There’s also backgrounds for each flower and I drew those as well so they’d have a matching ‘imperfect’ vibe.

Each background is on it’s own layer so you can re-color them individually without any kind of contouring in Cricut Design Space (or whatever cutting machine software you’re using!).

I showed the free flower SVG on the water bottle with just the one layer- I love a simple black and white design, myself but I know that so many of you love color so wanted to make sure I had that background layer for versatility for ya!

No matter how you use it though? So groovy cute, I tell ya!

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2 Layer cut file of 5 hand drawn flowers (free) shown on a white background Title text reads: Flowers Free SVG File

How to Download this set of Free Flowers SVG File

To download these groovy free flowers cut file, all you need to do is enter your email address below and have the digital file sent to your inbox. When you click the confirm button on the email you receive, it will open the free download directly.

Some browsers will start download immediately, others you’ll need to right click and save. The SVG file is uploaded as a compressed folder or a ‘zip file’. Double click the zipped/compressed folder to ‘unzip’ it and see your SVG file. 

If you’re already subscribed to my e-mail list (hey friend!), you won’t get double emails, I promise, go ahead and pop your email in there and follow the same steps 🙂

Like all instant downloads, free cut files  available on Hand Lettered Printables, this free flowers SVG file is only free for personal use. Think making projects like floral tote bags or mugs for yourself, your classroom, or as gifts for the tween in your life ;). 

Once the digital files in your downloads folder, you can upload it to your Cricut Design Space, Silhouette studio or whatever cutting machine software you are using. 

Free flowers cut file (5 hand drawn flowers with backgrounds) shown loaded into cricut design space and changing the background of each individual flower.

This flower design is an SVG format image (scalable vector graphics) which make it SO easy to upload and use in your projects. They really are the easiest way to upload your own assets into Cricut Design Space as the software can read the files and all the details- whether that’s the layers or the transparent background. 

It’s super simple, even for beginner crafters. You can just toggle on and off the background and outline layers if you’re only wanting the flowers black outline like I’ve shown on the water bottle. 

If you’re new to SVG files and wanting to make your t-shirts, mugs or other crafts with these files, you can see a great introduction to uploading your own files to Cricut Design Space here (It also talks about each file type and when to use them!)… honestly it’s full of so much useful information for you to use free files with your cricut machine! 

You can also see a tutorial to make a t-shirt with iron on vinyl cut with your Cricut here and which vinyl to use for your craft projects here.

* Are you new to Cricut? Or deciding which machine to buy? I wrote a whole post about the differences between the Cricut machines (Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore Air… what’s what?!) RIGHT HERE. 

And if you’re looking for more Cricut projects and tutorials with further details, you can find them all here!

Free SVG- Hand Drawn flowers cut files shown cut with layers on a tote bag, the background layer is cut in a variety of purples and black outline

So what else could you make with this free hand drawn flowers SVG?

There are really so many possibilities, crafts, and ideas you could make with these cute flowers SVG files… I wouldn’t possibly be able to list them all, but let me give it a shot with some of my fave ides 😉  

Here’s a list of projects I’d love to use any of these flower cut files for! I’ve linked the similar DIY projects I have a blog post for if you’re looking for project tutorials on how to make that type of project.

…This would also be perfect for scrap booking as photo overlays, just use the outline layer of these floral designs and place them like they’re clipart images.

2 Layer cut file of 5 hand drawn flowers (free), shown cut from permanent vinyl on a tumbler with a purple background layer and black flower outline.

I can’t wait to see what different styles of craft projects you create with this free floral cut file! If you have any SVG file requests, I can’t guarantee I’ll get to them, but I’d love if you sent them my way! When I have a little time I’ll make sure to respond 🙂 

If you do download and use these… you know I would love to see them in action! Tag me @handletteredprintables  on social media or shoot me an email [email protected]! Happy crafting!

More Awesome Free Spring SVG Files

Today I’m partnering with a couple of awesome SVG designers to share free spring themed SVG files for your creative projects! You can snag the other free SVG designs by clicking the links below to be taken to their site and the different designs for download!

collage of all 8 cut files on their own projects, title text reads: 8 spring themed free svg files


Don’t need this free floral SVG today? Pin it for later! Plus, pinning or sharing to FB helps more people find my work which helps me continue to put out free content for you here at Hand Lettered Printables. Thank you!

2 Layer cut file of 5 hand drawn flowers (free) shown on a white background, top image shows cut file loaded into Cricut Design space with each flower background a different color Title text reads: Flowers Free SVG File
Free Cut files for spring- collage of all 8 files in on a white background. text overlay says 'spring themed free SVG files'
2 Layer cut file of 5 hand drawn flowers (free) shown on a white background, top image shows just the outline applied to a metal water bottle held in front of a dock. Title text reads: Flowers Free SVG File

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