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TTPD BINGO Free Printable

Whether you’re hosting a listening party for the Taylor Swift TTPD album release this week or planning to listen solo with a box of tissues and wine, download this free printable TTPD BINGO to play your predictions as you listen to The Tortured Poets for the first time!

image of printed papers on dark wood table with a box of tissues, glass of red wine, friendship bracelet beads and a pen. printed papers are a TTPD themed bingo card and suggested bingo square ideas for the tortured poets album listening party bingo. Note card with binder clip reads 'TTPD Listening Party BINGO! Free Printable'.

I don’t know that I’ve ever planned… anything around an album release but friends- I’m so excited about Taylor Swift’s TTPD release later this week. As luck would have it, we’re visiting friends so I’m getting together with my two most Swiftie friends and we’ll be listening together for the first time to Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets album when it drops.

We were just going to sit together and bead… but them we decided to make invitations and bingo cards and heck- shirts! Why not make it a whole TTPD listening party?! I might have taken the idea and ran with it… and I’ve created so many fun printables for the night.

But today… today is all about the BINGO cards!

image of taylor swift ttpd themed bingo card full of ideas with a few crossed off with hearts. second page printed is a list of ideas for the bingo cards. both sheets of paper are shown on a wooden table with a glass of wine and friendship bracelet beads. text over reads: free printable TTPD bingo

If you’re new to Hand Lettered printables… we love a bingo. We love making anything just that little bit more fun with a printable. Whether it’s cleaning bingo or Bachelorette watching bingo and now… Taylor Swift Bingo!

To keep with the TTPD theme, we’re going with the black and white sepia tint that Taylor Swift has branded the album with. Everything is very academic official looking so although you know I love hand lettering… this set of printables has none of it 😉

I had SO much fun creating this, going down the rabbit hole of all the easter eggs and sneak peeks Taylor has shared in preparation for this album release. They illustrated elements are from her bonus track names- the Albatross (bird) and the Manuscript (the quill). So fun, right?!

How to Play Taylor Swift TTPD Bingo:

To play this Tortured Poets Bingo game is super simple. You just fill in the squares of the minimal TTPD bingo cards with your own predictions for the album.

Are we getting a Jack Antonoff production? What about 3+ cuss words in one song? Is she going to name names? Will you know who she’s talking about even if she doesn’t say? Will she be self depreciating? What about naming a city, a gemstone, a color, or a specific alcohol? Will she callback to Midnights? Maybe the Folklore trilogy?

You get to pick! You could even add in ‘someone cries’ or ‘someone audibly gasps’ and when someone at your TTPD sheds a tear or their mouth drops open at a line, cross that off! It’s going to be so. much. fun.

The general idea of this Taylor Swift themed BINGO is that you throw all of your guesses or predictions into the bingo then as you’re listening, mark them off.

To stick with the academic theme, I’d suggest a big red pen checkmark or ‘x’ but traditional bingo dabbers are also a blast 😉

image of taylor swift ttpd themed bingo card full of ideas with a few crossed off with hearts. second page printed is a list of ideas for the bingo cards. both sheets of paper are shown on a light table with a glass of wine and box of tissues. text over reads: free printable TTPD bingo

If you’re short on ideas, new to the Swiftie fandom or just truly don’t know what to expect, I’ve included a one page list of BINGO square suggestions. It has 44 TTPD bingo square ideas to be exact! I would have added more if they would have fit- it’s truly so fun to take part in this Taylor Swift madness.

The Tortured Poets Bingo printable comes as a 2 page PDF file which makes it so easy to print. You can print off the bingo cards as many times as you like- one for each of your friends and family members… because even if they say they’re not a Swiftie, I know they’ll love making their guesses too.

They might look more like… She talks about a breakup, she claims she’s in love again, or she rhymes car with bar. But you know what… they’re in on the fun then!

I’d be remiss to not mention that of course none of the lyrics, words, and or images are my own nor does this post signify any partnership- just a fan made printable for you to enjoy!

ttpd printable pack with song journal, party invitation, signage, ttpd bingo, place cards, voting sheets and more!

I’ve actually created a full set of TTPD printables for the tortured poets listening party this week. I’m going be sharing a few in blog posts for free but if you’d like to snag the whole bundle, you can find it right here! It’s going to be so fun- I can’t wait!

How to Download this Free Printable TTPD Bingo Game

To download this Tortured Poets Department Bingo game with square ideas, all you need to do is enter your email below and have it sent to your inbox. When you click the confirm button on the email you receive, it will open the file directly. If you’ve previously subscribed to my emails (hey friend!) you won’t get double the newsletters, instead of a confirmation email, you’ll get an email with your download link 🙂

Some browsers will start download immediately, others you’ll need to right click and save. This is a two page PDF document so it’s ready to print just like a standard document. It’s sepia colored which means it will print in color but it will print in grayscale beautifully as well should you choose.

Like all free printable files available on Hand Lettered Printables, this Taylor Swift TTPD Printable BINGO game is free for personal use- not commercial use. Use it for yourself, your entire friend group, or even your office party 😉 Just don’t offer it for sale or free download elsewhere.

If you do end up using these files – you know I would so love to see! You can tag me on social @handletteredprintables or shoot me an email [email protected] 🙂 Thanks!


Don’t need these files today? Pin it for later! Plus, pinning or sharing to FB helps more people find my work which helps me continue to put out free content for you here at Hand Lettered Printables. Thank you!

image of printed bingo card and suggestion list with a TTPD theme (taylor swift tortured poets department) on a dark wood table with a box of tissues, charcuterie board, glass of wine and pen. Title text is styled on a note card and reads: TTPD Listening Party bingo! FREE printables.

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