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6 Free Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Looking to gift an experience or service this holiday season? Get your hands on 6 modern free Christmas certificate printable templates in this blog post! 

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The last few years I’ve been working hard to reduce clutter and waste in our home and our lives… and a large part of that is gifting! We’ve been moving towards experience gifts as a family and trying to be more thoughtful in what we gift our friends and family to avoid adding clutter and stress to their own homes.

One of the things we’ve found as we do this is that we’ve felt like writing a ‘we’re giving you this service’ in a card doesn’t feel as special as if they have something to open. Many of the services we are gifting don’t have a traditional gift card. That’s where these printable holiday certificates really come in clutch.

Today I’m sharing 6 free printable Christmas certificates that you can print out and customize to gift the loved ones in your lives any service or creative experience you’ve been dreaming up.

Whether you are you on the hunt for a fun, creative way to ramp up the festive spirit for your kids or perhaps you want to gift an act of service to your sister-in-law who just had a new baby, these printable christmas coupons are a great way way to package up your thoughtful gift ideas.

Did I mention that printable Christmas certificates make for a perfect last-minute gift? Ain’t no minute like the last minute 😉

No matter what your need, a printable Christmas gift certificate is your secret weapon for adding that extra sprinkle of personal charm to your intangible gifting!

And the best part? You can tailor it to fit any person on your list to make sure that even the most last minute gifting lends to a thoughtful holiday season.

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Why Custom Christmas Certificates are a Holiday Must-Have

In the midst of trying to find thoughtful gifts perfect for each family member, prepping for the family dinner, and attending all the holiday events, the holiday season can feel daunting. You’re not Santa Claus and even if you think of all those fantastic gifts… it still takes time to pull them off!

But what would it mean to you if you could effortlessly add a personal touch to your holiday preparations, quickly boost the holiday cheer, or make a last-minute Christmas gift that still feels special, all without sacrificing too much of your valuable time? 

Maybe this Christmas certificate printable is the perfect solution for you! 

I’ve been wanting to make my own Christmas gift certificate for quite some time. I love gifting intangibles and a beautiful hand lettered gift certificate elevates the gift.

Just last weekend at our early Christmas celebration with my family, we gifted my mom and aunt a pool day with cervezas and margaritas while we’re visiting LA later this year. We’ll supply all the beverages and take the kids out of the house, leaving them well stocked and by the pool in *silence*.

I love that this type of gift is thoughtful- it shows that we’re thinking of them and what they value, it also gives them something to look forward to. Not something to find room for in their cabinets during their post-holiday tidy. 

A Ready-to-Customize Experience Gift Certificate

Most gift certificates have a dollar value attached. But experience gifts? They don’t need that, the experience themselves might not be a huge financial investment, but an amazing memory in the making. On the flip side… ‘we’re heading to see Taylor Swift in Vancouver!’ is a big memory and financial commitment. No matter what you’re putting on the coupon… it’s ready for you to customize to your specific experience in mind!

An experience gift is so special as it has an overall focus on the quality time with your loved one, instead of just… ‘stuff’. Really, you can think of it as a personalized gift for your unique loved ones… because you can make the experience or service as unique as they are!

I’ve designed the 6 Christmas certificates to be pretty generic holiday themed so you can make them work for your own family and gift.

They’re modern and minimal with traditional holiday colours of red, white, or blue. I’ve added some little holiday doodles and hand lettering accents. You can choose from either ‘a gift for you’ or ‘gift certificate’.

Beyond that though? You can customize the certificate with your own text (what is the gift?), to, from, and expiry date. You’ll receive the PDF printable, but can also take this in to Canvato make your own custom gift certificates with editable text.

A Versatile Last Minute Christmas Gift

Whether you’ve lost track of time and you’re scrambling to find mom a gift that helps show her how valuable you think she is or you’ve missed someone on your list completely (happens every year!)… this printable Christmas certificate is an easy way to package up a last minute Christmas gift.

You can make the gift as big and extravagant (we’re headed to Paris, baby!) or as practical (valid for one deep clean service of your whole home) as you like.

Even smaller gifts can feel so special when you are considering what the gifter could really appreciate. Hello… a home cooked meal delivered once a week during your post-op recovery? Yes, please!

Maybe you’ve spent a long time thinking about creative Christmas gifts for your loved ones but now you’re left with… well, not a lot of time to pull it off!

Customize this printable gift certificate so the recipient can cash in on the gift at a later date (once the holiday business has passed!).

It’s not just versatile for these bigger service based gifts. You can use it for smaller teacher gifts or coach gifts as well!

Oh no! Your fabulous gift didn’t arrive on time! What now? With shipping times being unpredictable, a gift voucher is a great thing to package up with a note about how their gift is on the way.

An Affordable Gift Idea That’s Still So Valuable

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘the best things in life are free’… and when you’re gifting a thoughtful experience or service, that’s definitely true. If you’re working with a tight budget for holiday gifts, services and experiences can make really affordable gifts that will add value to your loved ones lives. Think ‘Cooking Lessons with Grandma’, ‘A Full Day of Childcare’, or ‘We’re Painting Your Bedroom!’.

But you can also choose to add value to your personal service by wrapping it up with some goodies to go along with the coupon.

For example… if you gifted an online lettering course, you could package it with additional products that will help them rock that class (brush pens!). Or you could package ‘soccer camp’ with new at home soccer nets for a fun theme gift.

Creative Service or Experience Gift Ideas

Need some ideas? You’re in the right place 😉

There are a lot of things that would make perfect gifts, but to get you started, consider some of the following services:

  • Shop local! You could support a local business owner by booking their new service for your loved one… even if they don’t have gift cards available!
  • Gift a class or workshop and wrap it up with some supplies (cooking class with a new apron, diving lessons with a new swimsuit, watercolour online course with some new paint brushes, etc.)
  • Give the gift of your time and package it up with a gift card to a store that will help complete that service. For example, one closet clean out with me! Gift card to get new baskets for the shelves. Or a weekend backyard makeover with a gift card to home depot.
  • Give your time or expertise- a day of childcare, a custom family yearbook (I just need your photos!), a custom family watercolor portrait (you pick the photo).
  • A subscription service… this could be a meal service or a magazine you subscribe them to… or your own service on repeat! Home cooked meal every thursday night for the month of January. Or Grandma camp every first weekend of the month.
  • A getaway! We’re going to Maine! Or Taylor Swift! Or if you’re not going to be going with them… this certificate entitles you to one weekend away, we’re watching the dogs (or the farm!) so you don’t need to worry!
  • A date night for a couple… include childcare if applicable!
  • A day of wine touring or brewery tastings.

Think about it – each family member and friend is unique, with their own tastes and preferences. A customizable Christmas certificate like this allows you to tailor your gift to each individual, making it as unique as they are. These certificates add a personal flair that off-the-shelf gifts can’t match.

Now, here’s how to get your free download. 

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How To Download These 6 Free Christmas Certificates Printable

Get these Christmas certificates delivered to your inbox as an instant download- perfect for those last-minute gift ideas.

Picture this: It’s Christmas Eve, or just hours before your holiday bash, and you need a quick, thoughtful gift. No sweat – these certificates have got your back!

To download this christmas gift certificate PDF bundle, all you need to do is enter your email address below and have it sent to your inbox. When you click the confirm button on the email you receive, it will open the file directly.

Some browsers will start download immediately, others you’ll need to right click and save. Once it’s in your downloads folder, you can print it as is or customize it before printing. I have details on that below.

If you’re already subscribed to my e-mail list (hey friend!), you won’t get double emails, I promise, go ahead and pop your email in there and follow the same steps 🙂

Like all free printables files available on Hand Lettered Printables, this Christmas gift certificate template PDF download is free for personal use. Think making projects for yourself, your kids teachers, or as gifts.

How to customize your printable Christmas gift certificates

Now, let’s talk about making these certificates snazzy. I know we’re not all graphic designers… so I wanted to make this super easy for you. You have three options.

First, you can print and use these certificates as is. Just use your hand writing to add the details and you’re ready in a jiffy.

Secondly, you can open up the PDF in a program like Adobe Reader and add text as if it’s a form. Adobe Reader is free, super easy to navigate, and you can just add text in all the fields. Add in the recipient’s name, yours, an expiry date and your creative gift idea… then hit print!

The last option is the most fun in my humble opinion 😉 Just pull this PDF into (also free!) and add your text and any additional details. Download it again as a PDF and print. This option just gives so many opportunities for customization. Special fonts and colours… you got it!

What’s the best way to print this free Holiday Gift Certificate Template

Once your masterpiece is complete, print your certificates on high-quality paper for best results.

You can print free printables any way you like, but I have a couple suggestions to make the most of them! While every free printable is different, these ones are simple 8.5×11″ PDF documents which makes them incredibly easy to print at home or at your local print shop. They will print just like a document, without special settings like a photo.

While you can print these on regular paper, I find printing on cardstock looks nicer and gives more of a gift certificate feel (it doesn’t crinkle nearly as easy). This also lets you write with more pigmented markers without bleeding through to the surface below. 

My home printer doesn’t like to print card stock double sided, so I just print one side at a time, then insert that same paper back in to print the reverse side.

You can see all of my tips for downloading and printing free printables like these ones in this detailed post.

If you do download and use these… you know I would love to see them in action! Tag me @handletteredprintables on social media or shoot me an email [email protected]!

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Are you looking for another last-minute gift idea or maybe some printable holiday activities or cards? Check out these other printable free templates you might like! 

Merry Christmas, and may your holiday season be as merry and bright as the smiles these certificates will surely bring!

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