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Holiday Look + Find | Find the Hidden Christmas Objects Printable

​It’s time for a holiday look and find! Download this free printable to find the hidden objects for Christmas break with your kids and have them color the different objects with a holiday theme!

free printable holiday look and find activity sheet for kids

Today I’m sharing a free printable holiday themed look and find activity sheet. This is a one page activity sheet with doodles I drew and arranged for kids to find multiples of the same graphic.

The black and white outlines make them perfect to color like a coloring page but with the added bonus of counting and matching shapes. These are a fun way to get even younger kids involved in a printable activity instead of the typical word searches.

As our kids have been growing, when we invite families over for gatherings… the parties are getting large. It’s not just adult friends with a couple of babies, it’s hoards of kids.

I’ve started making printable activity pages like this holiday look and find free printable and coloring pages to keep on the kids craft table in the basement to give kids an activity if they’re feeling shy or needing a quiet moment or for younger children to just color. These are awesome for our busy home full of kids, but this is also a great activity for independent work time for teachers classroom use. 

I made these holiday christmas fun doodles a few years ago for holiday coloring placemats. Lately? I’ve been using them for everything.

I mean… these holiday border papers, this printable advent activity list… I have some Christmas coloring sheet options coming up! I’m currently working on a christmas bingo game and a free printable christmas word search as well! If you have other requests for these little doodles… let me know! I’m really loving creating new printables with these cute christmas graphic arts.

free printable holiday look and find activity sheet for kids

But today is alll about that look and find activity. My kids love these free printable hidden pictures activity pages. And since there’s not a lot of words on here, they’re straightforward even for younger children to use and coloring the small details are so good for their fine motor skills.

Older kids enjoy coloring them as well- color coding the hidden stars and christmas ornaments with a different colored pencil each as they find them. Since they have small details, the older kids (even those middle school babies!) enjoy using it as a coloring page, it’s tedious but in the most enjoyable way as they sit and chat.

Our 3rd grade son came home with this kind of hidden items worksheet a lot last year, our 1st grade son was jealous so it’s fun that now they’ll have their own!

Having a simple color activity like this is an easy way to help kids feel comfortable in a waiting room or around a group of new people (lots of those events during december holidays!), to encourage quiet time during a busy holiday season or just an easy last minute christmas activity for those of you that love an activity advent calendar but don’t have the energy 😉 If you’re hosting a more formal holiday dinner and hoping to have kids sit nicely at the table, having an activity printed like this at each seat for them would be a great addition to your dinner plans!

How to download the free printable Christmas Look and Find

To download this hidden picture worksheet is so simple. To get this directly delivered to your inbox, just enter your email in the box below and I’ll send you a confirmation email. Clicking the button in the email will open the PDF file up directly.

This is a single page PDF document in black and white, so the activity page is easy to print. Some browsers will automatically start a download and in others you will need to right click and select ‘save’. It should save to your download folder to make them easy to find for printing.

As always, free download printables are for personal use only (print for you and all your friends, your classroom, to use in your office waiting room or your daycare winter break camp, but don’t sell them, offer them as a download or modify them). Questions? Just ask 🙂

mockup of printable being colored: find the hidden object christmas free printable activity sheet

What’s the best way to print free printable activity sheets

You can print free printables any way you like, but I have a couple suggestions to make the most of them! While every free printable is different, these ones are simple 8.5×11″ PDF documents which makes them incredibly easy to print at home or at your local print shop. They will print just like a document, without special settings like a photo.

While you can print these on regular paper (this printable is actually very well suited for that!), I find printing on cardstock looks nicer and allows you to keep your printables in better condition as you use them (it doesn’t crinkle nearly as easy). This also lets you color with more pigmented markers without bleeding through to the surface below. 

Depending what you’re planning to use them for… laminate to help them last even longer! In this case, this would work well with washable markers so you can wipe away kids mistakes easily as they learn or to make them reusable. 

You can see all of my tips for downloading and printing free printables like these ones in this detailed post.

If you do download and use these… you know I would love to see them in action! Tag me @handletteredprintables on social media or shoot me an email [email protected]!

I hope you enjoy using this free printable look and find activity sheet at your Christmas celebrations! If you like this style of activity sheet and want to see various themes for your favorite holiday, let me know in the comments! I am thinking of making some more… what’s up next… valentine’s day?

More FREE Holiday Printables to download:

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free printable holiday look and find activity sheet for kids

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