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Kisses Valentines Cards Free Printable

Download these free Chocolate Kisses valentine’s cards to print and share with your kids classroom, your students, or your own friends. With a 4 different designs featuring playful hand lettering, these cute valentines cards are ready to be printed and paired with a chocolate kiss for Valentine’s day! 

text on image overlay reads 'free printables' with picture of printed valentines cards. main image shows assembled valentines cards cut to size with hersheys kisses on the kiss shapes.

I’ve had so much fun this year, creating printable pack after pack of free themed valentines cards– you can see even more of the printable selection of valentines at the bottom of the post.

I created these ones to pair with the classic chocolate kisses for an affordable candy valentine option. There’s something about those Hershey’s kisses that are so nostalgic and very Valentines Friendly.

Should you choose not to add the kisses, that’s all good! These valentines are ready to give as is with a kiss theme.

I created these simple printable cards to print 8 to one page, two of each of the hand lettered designs. They’re small enough that you can easily pop them in valentines card boxes in classrooms, even with a chocolate kiss attached.

I hand lettered four sentiments for these ones and added some kiss ‘prints’ to them for fun’. Years ago I actually made some valentines day art and did those kiss prints the old fashioned way LOL you can see that easy valentines day decor idea here.

free printable valentines cards with pink backgrounds and red hand lettering, styled on marble countertop with black scissors, hershey's kisses, a purple pen and double sided tape
happy valentines day to you free printable valentines cards shown with attached hershey's kisses

Here’s the four phrases found on the front of the cards, the reverse all say Happy Valentines:

  • A kiss for you
  • Happy valentines day to you
  • XOXO
  • Sealed with a kiss

There are affiliate links included in this post where I share links to buy products I’ve used here. Of course, you don’t need to use these to use the free printables, they’re just meant to be helpful 🙂 You can see all of my policies here.

This is a PDF download you can snag for free below. These are just regular print files so once you’ve printed them out, you just need to cut them to size and assemble with any gifts or sweet treats. It’s easy to attach the treats with some double sided tape so they don’t get lost in the valentines card boxes at school! This also saves on cost for cellophane bags.

showing how to use double sided tape on the bottom of a hershey's kiss to attach it to a printable valentine card
free printable valentines cards to pair with hershey's kisses. card being held says happy valentines day to you with red hersheys kiss attached to top with double sided tape

While I’ll be pairing the printable kisses valentines cards I’m giving away with chocolate kisses, there’s so many creative ideas for little favors to include with these printable valentines. Here’s some ideas and links to purchase them on Amazon if you like!

TIP: Get your kids to write the names on the printable Valentines cards before you package them up with any little Valentine’s day treats to keep them easy to write on. 

image of printed valentines (front and back) with plays on kisses and valentines day. text over reads free printable Valentines cards to pair with chocolate kisses

How to download the free printable Kiss Themed Valentines cards

To download these cute valentine’s day cards is so simple. To get this PDF digital file directly delivered to your inbox, just enter your email address in the form below and I’ll send you a confirmation email. Clicking the button in the email will open the PDF file up directly to start the instant download.

This set of free printable valentines cards has two pages in a PDF format document (one page, front and back). Some browsers will automatically start a the digital download and in others you will need to right click and select ‘save’. It should save the actual files to your download folder to make them easy to find for printing.

The small print: As always, free printables are for personal use only (print for you and all your friends, your classroom or as gifts, but don’t sell them, offer them as a download or modify them.). They are not for commercial use. Questions? Just ask 🙂

free printable valentines cards shown printed as full sheets, ready to be cut out. Front has 4 versions with pink backgrounds and red lettering that read 'sealed with a kiss' 'happy valentines day to you' 'a kiss for you' and 'xoxo' perfect for pairing with chocolate kisses

What’s the best way to print these free Kisses Valentines?

You can print these free valentine’s cards any way you like, but I have a couple suggestions for the best results!

While every free printable is different, these printable cards are simple 8.5×11″ PDF documents which makes them incredibly easy to print at home or at your local print shop. They will print just like a document, without special settings like a photo.

I prefer to print any gift tags or greeting cards like these kiss valentine cards on a thick paper like white cardstock (I have this card stock at home right now). They look more professional than regular computer paper and hold up better to being passed out this way, much like a store-bought quality card.

image of pink valentines cards cut to size with rounded corners. purple hand lettering reads 'happy valentines' with a kiss and space for the to and from names, front of valentine shown reads 'a kiss for you'

I’ve designed this printable file to be double sided with space for your child (or you!) to write names on the back of the cards. Make sure you select double sided when you send it to print! 

The background does take quite a bit of color ink so if I were printing off a bunch of these free chocolate kisses valentine cards… I’d send them to the print shop. I printed off two sets of these myself and a handful of other printable valentines cards I’ve shared here recently for my kids and I sent them all to the print shop to avoid running out of ink.

If I just wanted to print a page or two though, I’d definitely do it at home. There’s really no need for ‘professional’ valentines cards, especially if you’re handing these out as classroom valentines!

image of printable valentine cards being cut to size, valentines cards read: a kiss for you, xoxo, happy valentines day to you, sealed with a kiss
image of printable valentine cards being cut to size, valentines cards read: a kiss for you, xoxo, happy valentines day to you, sealed with a kiss

You can use a paper cutter instead of scissors for the long straight parts to help the cutting of these files go quickly but the rounded corners will need some scissor work or a corner punch like this.

We have a slider style paper cutter like this craft one at home that my kids like to use (paper cutters are way more fun than scissors to little hands!). Since the slider doesn’t detach easily and the blade is really tiny, I feel comfortable even letting my small kids use it for this sort of project. 

You can see all of my tips for downloading and printing free printables like these ones in this detailed post.

happy valentines day to you free printable valentines cards shown with attached hershey's kisses
text reads: free printables card being held says happy valentines day to you with red hersheys kiss attached to top with double sided tape image of

Alright! I’ll leave it at that- I hope that you enjoy these hand lettered Kisses printables for Valentine’s day! It’s such a fun printable mini greeting card with that classic Valentines theme!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you do download and use these… you know I would love to see them in action! Tag me @handletteredprintables on social media or shoot me an email [email protected]!

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text reads free printable valentines cards, top image of printed valentines cards on red background with scissors, bottom image of printed valentine cut to size with hersheys kiss
image of printable valentine cards cut to size and styled with scissors, chocolate kisses and double sided tape, valentines cards read: a kiss for you, xoxo, happy valentines day to you, sealed with a kiss

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